We are Narf AI

A team of skilled AI product developers and data scientists

What We Do

End-to-end Deep Learning

End-to-end Deep Learning

Research and Development of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for a variety of applications. We deliver nifty AI solutions for your organization.

Data Analasys

Data Analysis

Analysis of large datasets, generating reports tailored to your requirements, getting an insight into structured and unstructured data.

AI Product Deployment

AI Product Deployment

Deployment and maintenance of machine learning models - in the Cloud and On-premise.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Object Detection, Semantic and Instance Segmentation, Image Recognition, Pose Estimation, Object Counting.



Behavioral and physical biometric algorithms and applications for security.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Unstructured text understanding, Sentiment Analysis, Chatbots, Autocomplete and Autocorrect features for your apps.

Our Clients

Warsaw Uniwersity of Technology
Nowe Kolory

Delivered AI Products

Automated solar farm inspections

Our AI solution cuts costs of operating solar farm inspection by 50%!


Do you need to automatically scan receipts? Or maybe you want to integrate such a feature into your app? Don't bother building it by yourself - use our Receiptron API.

Real estate market Data Analysis

We have implemented a distributed web scraping system and alanyzed large amount of data in order to find out location attractiveness for potential real estate investment.

Automatic interpretation of thyroid ultrasound

Our system helps radiologists by reducing their time spent on preparing thyroid ultrasound exam reports by 60%!

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